Inspiration from David Lisle

Interiors in Detail: Grey Oak and Bronze Dining Room, Mobberley

For the wall-length bar in this dining room, we combined inox oak with liquid bronze, complemented by bianco antique granite, bronze handles and a burnished bronze tap.

10 extra clever storage tips for your kitchen

You’ll find plenty of advice online when it comes to storage tips for tiny kitchens. But storage is an important thing to consider whatever the size of the room. If you’re spending time and money designing and installing a kitchen to compliment your home and add value to your lifestyle, you need to feel sure the final result is streamlined, beautiful and functional.

How to Design a Super Smart Energy Efficient Kitchen

Creating a kitchen that hits the spot when it comes to green credentials is something every homeowner should consider. Not only does it help the environment, it also saves on household bills, and negates the need to replace utensils or far more expensive appliances as frequently.

Planning the Perfect Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen has undergone a huge transformation over the decades. Instead of simply being the place to prepare meals, it’s become an integral meeting point of the modern household. A space for the family to come together and a spot to entertain friends. To adapt to this new way of living, the design of contemporary kitchens is open plan, quite often flowing from the living areas of the home in one sweep.

How to match your kitchen to your personality

Now it might sound a little strange, but every kitchen has a personality. Just mull this over for a moment. Your very own kitchen, inherited or installed yourself, will reflect the taste and style of the person responsible, and the decade it hails from. Ideally, it should also suit the home it belongs to.

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