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Looking Beyond the Kitchen: Classicism and Wall Decor

When designing an interior, the finest of details can make all the difference. It isn’t just a case of imagining the overall layout and selecting pieces that you like. Every element should work within a refined scheme, effortlessly complementing each other yet still holding their own purpose.

Period Homes and Interior Design: How Far to Take Your Renovation

If you are renovating a period property, it is important to think about how far you want to take the process.

5 Tips for a Greener Kitchen

As our climate changes, we all want to feel that we are doing our bit to help the planet. From switching off a lightbulb when you leave a room, to embarking on a super-eco-conscious new build, every decision we make in our homes can help.

Choosing the Perfect Worktop - The Pros and Cons

When walking into a kitchen, one of the first things to catch your eye is the worktops. You see how it interacts with the cabinetry and how the colours work together.

5 top tips for a spotless kitchen

When imagining our perfect kitchen, we see a stunning space that serves as both a natural family social hub and a practical cooking environment. It goes without saying that we also imagine it to be beautifully clean, with the worktops free of any clutter, dirty dishes or small appliances.

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