Inspiration from David Lisle

Case Study Part III: Creating a curved pantry

Taking a project from the design board to the workshop is always an exciting part of our process.

Case Study Part II: The Design Details

In our last post we talked about the ergonomics of curved furniture and how it has the potential to affect the atmosphere of a kitchen.

Case study part I: How curves in your kitchen can help you relax

When designing a kitchen, ergonomic concepts must be considered to ensure that the space is efficient and user-friendly. Most importantly, the designer should implement how the client will move through and interact with the space in their design.

Kitchen Traffic: The Overlooked Essential in Good Design

What is less considered, but just as essential, is how you step into your kitchen. How people move and interact throughout the space is a crucial concept that we call “kitchen traffic”. If plotted incorrectly, kitchen traffic can become a real pain and can make it difficult to use your kitchen to its highest ability.

Instrumental Inspiration: Our Violin Corbel

As creative thinkers, it is in our nature to constantly seek and discover new ideas and approaches to innovate our practice.