Inspiration from David Lisle

Introducing The Award-Winning Butler’s Pantry

We’re all for beautiful interior design, but we’re a practical lot too. And when it comes to innovative kitchen must-haves, it doesn’t get more gorgeously useful than a butler’s pantry.

Visualise this: Using CAD to design the perfect kitchen

As the most used room in the house, the kitchen is an important area to get right. Forget Feng Shui, this is more about getting the most from the space you have, and thinking practically. Does that sound like the pressure is well and truly on? The trouble is it’s often difficult to imagine just how a room will look once completed. This is a daunting prospect, especially when investing a significant amount of money.

More Light! The Secret to Creating Rooms that Wow

So you’ve just signed off the design for your new kitchen, or perhaps a revamped dressing room. You have all the colours and materials nailed down. And you can see where each of your personal knickknacks will fit. But have you thought of everything?

Why kitchens are not a luxury

As bespoke, high quality kitchen designers, we can admit there are plenty of luxurious kitchens out there. But, as the most used room of the modern day home, kitchens in themselves, are not a luxury.

Aga? Do!

If your kitchen is the heart of the home, then your oven is the heart of the kitchen. Far from being a means to an end, your cooker is the central, focal point where the magic happens.