About David Lisle

With over 35 years of hands-on experience in the construction and installation of bespoke interiors, we fit around 35 free-standing interiors each year. This allows our small team of expert craftsmen to produce each of our client’s projects one at a time, letting us focus our commitment on giving a personal service and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Each interior is tailor-made and is specifically produced to meet each client’s needs. From the moment you step into our old Methodist Chapel to discuss your kitchen project, to our visit your home to sketch out and talk about various ideas, you will be a part of the entire process.

Upon visiting our showroom, it is possible to see the beautiful furniture you will be able to have in your own home. There is also the opportunity to see the crafting process by our team in our adjoining workshop. Once we have discussed your ideas and requirements further, David will carefully design three-dimensional plans of your new interior, which our resident graphic designer will then take further into CGI, giving you a perfect representation of your future space.

The starting point is simply your imagination.

David Lisle, a craftsman with 30 years of experience in the construction and installation of bespoke interiors.David Lisle Signature