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Based in Macclesfield, David Lisle has been creating exquisite kitchens and interiors for over 30 years. From kitchen design to bedrooms, home office and bathrooms we craft gorgeously bespoke interiors for clients across Cheshire and the North West.

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Introducing our new eco-friendly kitchen

We have crafted a new environmentally friendly kitchen using a material that’s not only stronger than solid oak, but actually carbon negative- bamboo. With incredible growing speeds and a naturally increasing yield each year, our luxury, bespoke bamboo interiors benefit both our clients, and our planet.

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Veneers vs solid wood: myths debunked

The concept of veneered furniture can understandably cause some doubt in its quality and hardiness. It can give the impression that the furniture is badly made, or that the cabinetmaker has used a shortcut to produce the final design. However, the negativity surrounding the use of veneers is very much unwarranted; they are not only beneficial to the quality of the furniture, they are essential.