David's process for building kitchens

Our process of creating your perfect interior begins with David’s visit to your home. During your consultation you are able to discuss your ideas, likes and dislikes and specific features you have in mind with David, and collaborate on a design concept.

After taking careful measurements of your space, David will begin to fine-tune your bespoke interior by drawing detailed plans of the design. Upon visiting our showroom, you will be able to discuss these plans with him and explore the large variety of materials and appliances we source to complete your unique design.

Once your design is finalised, our resident graphic designer will produce stunning CGI images of your interior, with any specific materials and colours you have chosen. These realistic images will enable you to envisage your new interior exactly as it will look upon completion.

David will then take your design through to our adjoining workshop and discuss the concept with our team of expert craftsmen, who, having worked together for over 15 years, will carefully and skilfully bring your design to life.

Once every part of your interior is finished to our exceptional standard, the final stage is the installation. To ensure our furniture stands the test of time, we scribe each piece to fit the unique angles and curves of each wall and floor seamlessly. This is an extremely delicate and exact art that our fitters pride themselves upon, ensuring your unique, bespoke interior is completed to the best possible standard.

A stunning David Lisle kitchen A craftsman planing a piece of wood A stunning David Lisle kitchen