94 - New London Kitchen with Secret Door - Saddleworth, Greater Manchester

With a stunning south-facing view overlooking the surrounding moorlands, the new owners of this Arts and Crafts property were keen to create a luxurious main living area that makes the most of the breath-taking views.

The original kitchen was set far back into the corner of the room, whilst a stud wall partitioned off a small, separate dining room. To bring the cooking area into the main space, we created a hidden walk-in pantry behind a “secret” door, designed to blend in seamlessly with the cabinetry. By removing the stud wall and bringing the formal dining into the living space, we created a much brighter, social dining area that flows well with the kitchen and snug.

The monochromatic colour scheme allows the glamorous feature pieces to wow, such as the porcelain-clad fridge and freezer, and the bespoke, hand-silvered dining table. With the secret walk-in pantry hiding away daily clutter, the kitchen can function perfectly as a complete cooking, dining, and entertaining space.

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