82 - Bamboo and Terrazzo Kitchen - Our Showroom, Macclesfield

Not a single tree was used in this display. Pushing the boundaries of interior design, we crafted this innovative, contemporary kitchen using 100% bamboo.

Not a tree but a grass, bamboo has exceptional qualities making it as strong and resilient as any hardwood, whilst being unique in actually having a carbon-negative impact on the environment through its’ production, for more details please see our feature here. By crafting the Mondrian-inspired splash-back from the bamboo remnants, we also ensured that the production waste was minimised exceptionally.

The Terrazzo granite topping the cabinetry is not only ecological in itself, being made from recycled fragments from granite yards, but wonderfully complements the uniform linear grain of the bamboo with its scattered flecks of colour.

Our bamboo can be crafted with it’s stunning natural grain for a real statement design, or be hand-painted for a more subtle effect.

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