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8 design ideas for a calming kitchen space

If your kitchen is anything like ours, it’s one of the busiest and hardest working rooms in the house. So is it really possible, despite all that hustle and bustle, to create a calming kitchen space?

Rest assured, if a sense of relaxation is what you’re after, you can have a kitchen that soothes rather than stresses.

Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of a relaxing kitchen and how to create the calm kitchen space of your dreams.

Why choose a calm kitchen design?

Interior spaces have a profound effect on the way we feel. From colours to materials to lighting, every little detail works together to set the mood.

A calm kitchen design soothes the senses. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a busy day. It’s a space in which it becomes easy to slow down and find time for the things you love.

Importantly, relaxing kitchens still have all of the functionality you need in such a practical space.

In fact, function lies at the heart of any calming kitchen design. Because if your space doesn’t work beautifully, a sense of relaxation will be hard to find.

How to create a calming kitchen

Want to create a relaxing kitchen in your home? Then here are the design tips and tricks to bear in mind.

1. Use natural materials and textures

Spending time in nature has been shown to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure. So including as many natural materials as you can in your kitchen is a wise choice if peace and tranquillity are top priorities.

Wooden or marble worktops. Bare brickwork. Bamboo cabinets. Terracotta tiles. A rattan armchair. Any of these natural materials will make a kitchen feel warm, tactile and serene.

Rich, natural textures also have a wonderfully calming effect. When picking out tablecloths and napkins, opt for linen or hessian. Use a seagrass rug to define your dining space. Or place a stoneware vase atop your kitchen island.

Driftwood island kitchen 01

The driftwood island in this kitchen is rubbed with a white pigmented oil to soften and weather the grain, adding to the relaxed beachy feel of the space.

2. Pick muted, earthy colours

Crisp, fresh colours bring a sense of vibrancy to a room. But opt for muted, earthy tones and you’ll instantly feel their calming effect.

You can find earthy tones across the colour spectrum – from pink to green to blue. So you don’t have to pick neutrals if they don’t fit with the rest of your interior style.

Take a look at Farrow & Ball’s Pick Ground, Lick’s Green 09 or Little Greene’s Celestial Blue for a little kitchen colour inspiration.

3. Frame a view of outside space

Another way to bring nature’s calming effect into your kitchen? Ensure that your kitchen enjoys a view of outside space.

French and bifold doors are a popular kitchen feature because they provide a beautiful, framed view - and flood your space with plenty of natural light.

But even if your kitchen doesn’t have floor to ceiling windows, simply pulling back the blinds and incorporating a few, statement indoor plants will help to create a similar effect.

4. Lower lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, you need to cover all bases.

Bright light is useful when you’re busy cooking. But for relaxing, dining or socialising, you need the option to create a low-lit space too.

Dimmable lighting is a good option. Alternatively, split lights across multiple switches so you have the flexibility to switch sections of the room on and off individually.

And don’t forget a few strategically placed lamps. They’ll help to create the perfect, relaxing ambience.

5. Consider layout

A kitchen should look beautiful. But, to create a truly stress free kitchen space, it needs to function beautifully too.

A poorly designed kitchen layout can actually increase the stress and frustration you feel when using the room.

The ideal kitchen layout considers:

  • Traffic flow – how people are likely to move within the room
  • Appliance positioning – your fridge, stove and sink should be within easy distance of each other
  • The width of walkways – constantly squeezing past family members to reach the other side of the kitchen is far from relaxing
  • Landing space – nearby worktop space for hot items straight out of the oven

Here at David Lisle, we know how effective a kitchen island can be in separating the space. Preparation and cooking on one side. Kids eating cereal or guests with a glass of wine on the other.

This is one of the ways we can bring calm and relaxation to any kitchen design.

Clear the clutter

Clutter and calmness don’t tend to go together. So your kitchen design needs to include ample storage space.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, look at the bits and bobs that tend to find a home on your worktops or kitchen table. Dedicated storage for these items is essential.

Also, consider the insides of your cupboards. Ideally, a packet of pasta shouldn’t fall on your head every time you open that particular cupboard. Clever internal storage (or simply a little bit of extra cupboard storage) can help everything to feel less cramped and chaotic.

Small appliances are a prime kitchen clutter culprit. So find another home, away from your worktops, for any appliances that you don’t use every day.

Alternatively, for those kitchen gadgets that are in constant use, consider a butler’s pantry. Your appliances are still within easy reach but, hidden out of sight, you still get to maintain a sense of kitchen Zen.

Dedicated coffee breakfast pantry 02

This dedicated coffee and breakfast pantry closes breakfast clutter away behind the Japanese Tamo Ash doors, out of sight and out of mind.

Consider a minimalist approach

Minimalism sometimes gets a bad rap. Some people think of it as being cold and clinical. But a minimalist kitchen can be calming, cosy and luxurious. It’s all about removing visual clutter and focusing on the essentials.

Of course, you can go all-out with clean lines, secret storage and handleless cabinets. But if that feels too minimalist for your tastes, there are other ways to remove visual distractions from the kitchen.

Pick large tiles or splashbacks, so there are fewer grout lines breaking up your wall space. And integrate large appliances behind cupboard doors.

In doing so, you’ll create a calming kitchen design that is much more soothing to the eye.

Oak ceramic worktops 03

The large format tile flooring, alongside the straight grained oak and soft, honed ceramic worktops, gives this kitchen an unfussy, soothing atmosphere, without compromising on luxury.

Make it personal

We tend to feel most relaxed in our own homes. That’s because we’re surrounded by unique creature comforts and personal details.

A bespoke kitchen design couldn’t be more personal. Because, from the ground up, your kitchen has been tailored to you, your family and your home.

Bespoke design also creates space for the things you love. Whether that’s a speaker that lets you listen to your favourite music as you cook, a salad bowl you found on your most recent travels, or a few treasured family photographs.

Fill your kitchen with happy memories and experiences, and it will always evoke feelings of calm and contentment.

Want to banish the chaos? And create a calming, custom-made kitchen?

Then our expert team, led by designer David Lisle, can help – from kitchen design right the way through to fitting.

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