Inspiration from David Lisle

Less is More: Minimalist Kitchens

The beauty of giving a bespoke service is that every one of our interiors are as unique as the clients we provide for. We are able to tailor each design to suit any preference, necessity and desire, no matter how detailed or specific.

Often, our clients come to us with a rough idea of certain styles and colours they find appealing, others have more specific and concrete specifications. Regardless of either, however, one design feature continues to be popular with many of our clients: minimalism.

Minimalism has seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years. Pioneered by Scandinavian design, it has reached all corners of our modern world. From technological design such as mobile phones, to architecture, to transportation, taking a minimalist approach enables a practical and clean simplicity. Its visual design and technological improvements can help us to feel less impactful on our planet, giving us a sense of harmony with the natural world.

Kitchen design is no different. As society develops a more minimalist mindset, so, in turn, do our homes and lifestyles.

Less is more minimalist kitchens 01

Polished concrete is a popular feature in many minimalist designs.

Achieving a minimalist kitchen

Extravagant bolection moulding has made way for flush cabinet facings, and the development of touch-to-open mechanisms means that even the largest of doors can become handleless. This creates an almost invisible cabinet, hiding in plain sight within the space.

Clever storage solutions such as magic corners and pull-out shelving mean that cabinets can be extended to be much deeper whilst still being practical. More “secret” storage means less clutter taking up worktop space, further contributing to that clean, simplistic design that minimalism is so renowned for.

Less is more minimalist kitchens 02

Clean lines and a muted colour palette create this understated kitchen.

At David Lisle Kitchen Design, we continue to develop our practice and knowledge in keeping with the newest advancements in interior design concepts. See our new eco-kitchen for example, made of 100% bamboo- a carbon-negative material stronger even than solid oak.

Less is more minimalist kitchens 03

A handleless design on this walnut cabinetry allows the bookmatched grain to take centre-stage.

Our portfolio documents both our contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. Whether seeking simplistic and clean, extravagant and elaborate, or a combination of the two, at David Lisle Kitchen Design our clients can achieve their perfect, bespoke kitchen, made to the highest quality and with our renowned, exceptional service.