Inspiration from David Lisle

Why kitchens are not a luxury

As bespoke, high quality kitchen designers, we can admit there are plenty of luxurious kitchens out there. But, as the most used room of the modern day home, kitchens in themselves, are not a luxury.

Aga? Do!

If your kitchen is the heart of the home, then your oven is the heart of the kitchen. Far from being a means to an end, your cooker is the central, focal point where the magic happens.


Inspiration is a funny thing; it always seems to come unexpectedly, from out of nowhere and you never know when a new idea will pop into your head. Inspiration, imagination and vision are beautiful things.

The National Expresso

Throughout the ages, us Brits have remained steadfastly loyal to our nice cup of tea and our national devotion to it will never fade. However, it’s undeniable that we have also become a nation of coffee drinkers.

Grand Designs

Changing a part of your home can almost take over your life. Every decision requires a great deal of thought and it ends up being a hugely time-consuming and often stressful process.