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Contemporary farmhouse kitchen design: ideas & key features

You don’t need to live in the depths of the Cheshire countryside to choose a contemporary farmhouse kitchen design.

The beauty of this style is that you can apply it to any home - whether you’re located in a rural idyll or a busy, bustling city suburb.

Here we’ll share ideas for a contemporary farmhouse kitchen, as well as some inspirational images from some of our previous bespoke kitchen projects.

What is contemporary farmhouse kitchen design?

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen design offers a twist on the traditional. It’s a way to make your kitchen space feel homely and timelessly stylish.

Designs tend to use natural materials, earthy colours and lots of texture. But they don’t skimp on luxury elements. And they usually stick to a few key design principles.

Contemporary farmhouse kitchens are:

  • Functional - with features like a big Belfast sink to wash vegetables and arrange flowers
  • Welcoming - because farmhouse kitchens have a cosy, lived-in feel
  • Indulgent - all the mod-cons you need to cook, relax and entertain with ease

It’s a careful balance. Farmhouse design elements shouldn’t overwhelm modern elements - and vice versa. Instead, they should complement each other to perfection.

Here are a few ideas for getting that balance exactly right. Incorporate some of the following kitchen inspiration and you’re sure to bring a modern rustic kitchen aesthetic to life.

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen ideas

1. Highlight original features

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen with wooden beams or original stone flooring, then make the most of these farmhouse-style features, restoring them if necessary. Bare brickwork also works beautifully in a contemporary farmhouse kitchen design. It brings natural tone and texture to your interior, and helps to create a restful, calming kitchen space.

2. Include natural materials

This style of kitchen is all about natural materials. So choose wooden, stone, slate or terracotta flooring. Introduce a solid oak kitchen table with bench seating. And if you have your heart set on a granite worktop, why not cosy things up with a contrasting wooden top for your kitchen island?

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen design david lisle 01

The addition of polished maple pieces throughout this shaker kitchen breaks up the painted cabinetry and adds a rustic warmth to this farmhouse kitchen.

3. Opt for shaker cabinets

The best contemporary farmhouse kitchen cabinets? You can’t beat the shaker style. Simple without being too stark, shaker cabinets have a timeless quality. And they can be painted in an unlimited range of colours. Pair your cabinets with minimalist handles to give them a contemporary lift.

4. Display your cookware on open shelving

A farmhouse kitchen shouldn’t be too neat. And a contemporary kitchen shouldn’t be too cluttered. As ever, it’s all in the balance. This is why open shelving, alongside shaker cabinetry, is a popular combination.

Open shelving is practical - because cookware is accessible. And it gives you the chance to create beautifully curated shelves, artfully laden with your favourite copper pans, crockery and collectibles.

5. Create a colour palette of earthy tones

Our favourite contemporary farmhouse kitchens use an earthy colour scheme. Think soft neutrals, muted greens and deep, dark blues. Just remember that kitchen spaces are most welcoming when they’re light and airy. So always pair darker colours with a lighter, more neutral shade.

6. Up the contrast with statement lighting

Statement lighting gives a contemporary edge to any interior design scheme. And it doesn’t get much more modern than large pendants hanging over your modern farmhouse kitchen island.

Industrial-style lighting works well too. As do light fittings with a polished metallic finish that contrasts with natural materials.

7. Go classic with a ceramic sink

A big Belfast sink - also known as a butler sink - is a hallmark of country kitchens. Pair this traditional feature with a modern, curved tap. Or one of our customer’s favourites, the Quooker tap. And create a perfect blend of farmhouse charm and contemporary luxe.

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen design david lisle 02

This kitchen features a double bowl Shaws Belfast sink with a ribbed front and a Perrin & Rowe gooseneck tap with porcelain levers for a classic English farmhouse aesthetic.

8. Go bold with a patterned backsplash

Bare brick and simple subway tiles are well-loved choices for modern country kitchens. But patterned tiles work too, particularly when they feature neutral or earthy tones. A bold pattern over a small expanse of wall, for example behind your range cooker, makes a stunning focal point.

9. Use a kitchen island to bring your theme together

Speaking of focal points, a kitchen island is the perfect partner when emphasising a contemporary farmhouse look.

Include open shelving on one side of your island, with plenty of space for well-worn cookbooks. Consider tongue and groove panelling. And don’t forget a few state-of-the-art additions, like a wine cooler with easy access for your guests.

10. Select modern appliances

Cutting-edge kitchen appliances enhance the contemporary feel of your farmhouse kitchen interior. So don’t be afraid to include stainless steel appliances and the very latest kitchen equipment.

You can, of course, choose to include the mainstay of country kitchens, the Aga range. But if you do so, modernise the look by selecting an Aga in an unexpected colour.

11. Embrace unique and quirky features

Think beyond standard kitchen designs and imagine something completely bespoke. How about a built-in wooden ladder that helps you reach higher cupboards? Antique artwork? Or a mismatched vintage dresser?

Unique interior elements, in keeping with your contemporary farmhouse style, make your kitchen feel homely, inviting and totally your own.

12. Mix colours, materials and textures

A contemporary farmhouse kitchen is perfectly imperfect. Sleek sophistication isn’t the goal. And one way to create a lovely, lived-in feel is with mismatched elements.

So pair steel with brass. Or stone with glass. Mismatch the chairs around your kitchen table. Choose a different material for your kitchen island worktop. Or incorporate cabinets in two different colours.

The result will be a kitchen of understated luxury. A comfortable space in which you, your family and guests feel at home, but also an elegant space that possesses exceptional interior style.

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen design david lisle 03

With a traditional AGA, distressed hand-waxed English oak cabinetry, and a delft tile splashback, this kitchen is the epitome of farmhouse style.

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