Inspiration from David Lisle

Luxury interiors that don't cost the earth

A new interior can change the shape of your home, but it can also contribute to the changing shape of our planet.

Not so long ago, the more exotic a species of wood, the more desirable it was. Mahogany, for example, was exceptionally popular to give interiors a rich air of sophistication. However, the impact of acquiring woods such as this were often not considered. Issues such as deforestation, illegal trade and reduced biodiversity were and are devastating results of exotic timber logging, putting dangerous pressure on the sustainability of our environment.

Thankfully in recent years things have changed dramatically. Nowadays, ensuring wood is responsibly sourced is not a fashion choice, but an inherent part of our culture.

For many years, we at David Lisle Kitchen Design have only used timbers that are ethically sourced from Northern America and Europe. FSC approved, any tree that is felled for use in our bespoke interiors is replaced with a new sapling, to ensure a consistently sustainable approach.

Moving forward, we have recently obtained bamboo as a material for use in our cabinetry. Not only is it FSC approved, it is also carbon-negative in it’s production. This means that harvesting it actually has a beneficial impact on the environment, as it promotes further growth and does not kill the mother plant. For more information, have a look at our eco-kitchen feature.

As we progress with this innovative approach, we are working on extending our use of ecologically sustainable materials with no compromise on our renowned quality and service.

So, whether our clients choose our sustainable timber or super-eco bamboo, our impeccable design and craftsmanship will ensure they receive a unique and luxurious interior, that doesn’t cost the earth.