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Why choose bespoke interiors for your home?

Want to create the home interiors you’ve always dreamed of? Then an off-the-shelf solution is probably not the ideal choice.

Instead, bespoke interiors allow you to create a space that truly matches your personality, your lifestyle and your design vision.

Here we’ll take a look at all of the reasons why bespoke interiors are such a worthwhile investment. And what the process looks like if you decide that bespoke interior design is the right choice for you and your home.

What are bespoke interiors?

Bespoke interiors are crafted exactly to your specifications.

The term, bespoke interior, is most commonly associated with kitchen and bathroom design. But it can be applied to any room of the home.

From a home office to a boot room to a dressing room to a dining room, you don’t have to be limited by the ready-to-buy furniture and template-style interior designs you see in stores.

Bespoke interiors incorporate custom-made furniture. They offer complete flexibility as to materials and finishes. Essentially, they help you to create a tailor made space that feels 100% yours.

And, of course, if you need a little help deciding what will work within a particular room, an experienced bespoke designer, with a deep understanding of interior design principles, can guide you along the way.

Why choose bespoke interiors?

When you redesign a space within your home, there are plenty of ready-made options to choose from. So why should you opt for bespoke interiors instead?

A space to fit your lifestyle

Everyone has a different set of priorities when it comes to their interiors. Take the kitchen for example.

Some of our clients dream of having an open plan kitchen dining space, perfect for entertaining friends and hosting social events.

Others want a functional family space. A kitchen that acts as the hustling, bustling heart of the home.

Yet others want a kitchen designed around their passion for cooking up culinary masterpieces. Or mixing elaborate cocktails.

When you opt for bespoke design, your new room fits and enhances your lifestyle. Which means you get to enjoy your home like never before.

Show some personality

Because you have the option to personalise every element of a bespoke interior, you can’t help but bring your personality to a design.

Incorporate playful pops of colour. Choose patterns and prints that remind you of your favourite travel destination. Create a tailored space for a much-loved collection.

Whatever design you choose, you can be confident that it will reflect your character. Which means you create a space in which you always feel right at home.

Why choose bespoke interiors for your home david lisle 01

An illuminated sky blue display section is the perfect focal point to display this client’s display items.

Why choose bespoke interiors for your home david lisle 02

This kitchen has a simple, monochromatic colour scheme to allow the soft furnishings and decor to really pop.

The perfect fit

Every home is different. The shape of a certain room may make it difficult to arrange off-the-shelf furniture in a visually pleasing way. Or to find pieces that help you to make the best use of available space.

With bespoke interiors, expertly crafted joinery and tailor made furniture, everything perfectly fits the space for which it is intended.

Awkward corners become useful. You maximise storage space. And you can enjoy furniture that seamlessly fits every curve, column and alcove.

Highlight existing features of your home

A beautiful fireplace. An original beamed ceiling. The big picture window that floods your room with light. There are sure to be one or two features that you love within your home.

Bespoke interior design helps you to showcase them, so they become the shining star within a space.

Through clever layout – and by matching (or sometimes contrasting) materials, metals and finishes – you can draw attention to the room features that you like most.

Why choose bespoke interiors for your home david lisle 03

Making a feature of the original leaded windows in this Grade II listed property with minimalist cabinetry.

Create something unique

When you choose bespoke interiors for your home, you never see the same furniture or design replicated in the homes of your friends and family.

You’re guaranteed a totally unique space, without the mass-produced pieces you tend to come across time and again. In this way, you get to enjoy interiors that you know are tailor made for you and your home.

The bespoke interior design process

Bespoke interior design means starting from scratch. There are no templates dictating your design. And no limits to the furniture choices you can make.

So what does this exciting interior design process look like? Here’s how we do it at David Lisle.

A showroom visit

Every bespoke interior design service starts with an appointment at our Cheshire showroom and adjoining workshop.

We’ll talk about the ideas you have for your room. You can share your interior likes – and dislikes. And any specific requirements you have.

This is also a chance to browse the wide range of materials that we can incorporate into your design. And to hear a little more about how we work.

A home visit

Next, it’s time for a home visit from David. He’ll sit down with you to discuss your bespoke interior design in more detail.

David will also take precise room measurements that he can use back in the studio to create scale drawings of your new room.


After the home visit, we draw up 2D designs and a quotation. We also create 3D CGI images that include your chosen materials and colour scheme.

All of this, we send over to you for approval.

It’s an exciting point in the process. Because these detailed drawings and images provide a first glimpse of your new interior design.

Why choose bespoke interiors for your home david lisle 04

From design to installation, CGIs are the perfect way to accurately visualise your future interior.


Once we’ve received the go-ahead from you, the master craftsmen in the David Lisle workshop will then start building the bespoke joinery and furniture that sits at the heart of your design.


We oversee the bespoke interior design process from start to finish. Once all of your furniture has been crafted, we’ll install your new interior and complete your project to the best possible standard.

Looking for bespoke interiors in Cheshire?

At David Lisle, we design bespoke interiors in Cheshire and throughout the North West.

We only work with a select number of clients each year. So David and our craftsmen can focus on perfecting one project at a time, offering an exceptional standard of customer service along the way.

If you’re looking for bespoke interiors in Cheshire, why not pop by our showroom to get a sense for what we do?

Just get in touch to arrange a showroom appointment. We’re excited to hear all about your next bespoke interior project.