Inspiration from David Lisle

5 top tips for a spotless kitchen

When imagining our perfect kitchen, we see a stunning space that serves as both a natural family social hub and a practical cooking environment. It goes without saying that we also imagine it to be beautifully clean, with the worktops free of any clutter, dirty dishes or small appliances.

Although easy to imagine, we know that it is much less easy to make into a reality. Daily life is filled with hustle and bustle and a lot of us find ourselves in a constant frustrating cycle of tidying surfaces, only to have them fill up again almost straight away.

As bespoke kitchen designers, we are dedicated to creating solutions that help to eliminate this repetitive cleaning cycle, realizing the relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable kitchen that we all crave.

A few of our tried and tested client favourites are:

1. A butler’s pantry

Pantries, (or larders), were originally designed to display fine china in the grandest of properties. Nowadays, they are much more practical. A secret store for breadbins, toasters, coffee machines and groceries, we design our pantries with the upmost luxury. Designed to be a statement, or to blend in with the rest of the kitchen, they hide away daily clutter in their polished wood interior, whilst also serving as a stunning feature piece.

5 top tips for a spotless kitchen 01

This butler’s pantry is a dedicated coffee station. Illuminated upon opening for ease of use, it hides all of the cafetieres, grinders and coffee machines away when needed.­

2. Invest in an extra dishwasher

Especially with larger families, or for those who entertain often, an extra dishwasher is such a simple yet essential solution. There is no need to pile up the dirty crockery from dinner whilst the dishwasher cleans the cooking equipment: these can all be placed into the second dishwasher straight after dinner with no mess left on the work surface.

3. Keep your bins hidden

Thinking about where the bin will live in a kitchen may not be the most exciting or glamorous decision to make but having a pull-out bin system is something that- once there- you will wonder how you ever got on without. Integrated to look just like the rest of the cabinetry, they save on floor space, reduce odour and make recycling easy with multiple compartments.

4. Utility pull outs

Another great way to improve storage space in your kitchen is by including a utility pull-out. With the same concept as a pull-out bin, they are designed to fit perfectly under sinks. Disguised as a cupboard, they slide out holding all of the cleaning products within direct reach, eliminating the annoyance of scrambling around at the back of the cupboard for the bleach.

5. Dedicate a dumping ground

Our final tip to maximise on both the amount and efficiency of your kitchen storage is to dedicate a spot as a “dumping ground” for keys, bags, phones and the like. Although this may seem counterproductive, it helps to keep the kitchen as a relaxing, comfortable space whilst restricting clutter to a small, specific “zone”. After all, we design our kitchens to be lived in. A well-placed, well-designed dumping ground by the entrance provides a small space for bits and bobs, working practically for daily life, whilst remaining a stunning piece of furniture.

5 top tips for a spotless kitchen 02

The dumping ground in this kitchen is of beautiful curved solid oak to match the island. Subtle yet invaluable.