Inspiration from David Lisle

The Boiling Water Tap - How Safe is It?

The Quooker tap has not escaped hesitancy from our clients over the years. After all, the concept of a tap that produces instantly boiling water can seem incredibly alarming at first. However, this “tap that does it all” is not only extremely innovative, but exceptionally safe.

How safe is the boiling water tap

A Quooker Round CUBE in black in our client’s property in Prestbury.

So, how does it work? There are a few fears that our clients regularly ask about the Quooker that we can answer to help explain this:

What if I accidentally turn it on?

This is actually near-impossible. To access the boiling water function, the handle must be pressed down fully, twice, then rotated to start the flow. Although this will start to feel like second nature after a time, the risk of accidentally doing this movement, for adults or children, is extremely small. Quooker themselves have tested this system extensively.

What if my hand is under the water flow when the tap turns on?

In the very unlikely event of this happening, the flow of water from a Quooker is actually much safer than from a kettle or pan. Quooker’s water dispenses in fine droplets, as opposed to the solid jet of water that would come from spilling a kettle, meaning any burns would be much less serious.

Doesn’t the spout get hot?

No. The spout is insulated, so that even when boiling water is flowing through the pipe, the spout feels only warm to the touch. The spout is also rotatable, so any pan or jug can rest on the worktop whilst filling with water.

Not only the safest option for a household, a Quooker tap is also the most sustainable. Rather than overfilling a kettle to be sure you have enough water, with a Quooker you dispense the exact amount of water needed, and the instant chilled or sparkling water feature in a Quooker CUBE means that buying bottles of water is no longer necessary.

We want to ensure our clients, both present and future, have the best possible understanding of both our bespoke products, and our carefully selected luxury suppliers. This helps them to make informed decisions regarding specialist equipment such as Quooker taps, resulting in innovative, efficient kitchens that are used with confidence.