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Standing Out from the Crowd: 5 Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen Unique

When renovating your home, the beauty of using a bespoke service such as David Lisle Kitchen Design means that you have the opportunity to create a kitchen that is truly one-of-a-kind. However, having such freedom may seem rather overwhelming for some. Hence, we have our top 5 design tips to help you get started in planning your own, unique kitchen.

1. Pockets of colour

Whether your kitchen is handpainted or in a wood finish, adding little flashes of colour here and there makes a big difference to the overall atmosphere of the space. Painting the inside of glass cabinets, inset shelving or bigger pieces such as islands in eye-catching colours can bring an unexpected- yet not unwelcome- playfulness to your kitchen. By displaying sculptures or quirky crockery in these spaces you can further build your own versatile piece of art in your kitchen.

Pockets of colour david lisle.jpg

Displaying contrasting china in this popping pink and silver leaf touch-to-open cabinet.

2. Savour your splashback

Splashbacks are an essential in any kitchen. A practical alternative to painted walls behind hobs and sinks, splashbacks are wipeable and easy to clean, meaning no more risking mucky stains and watermarks. Hence, for them to serve their purpose properly, they inevitably need to be quite large. It is understandable, therefore, that people may want to play it safe when choosing the finish of their splashback, keeping it as understated as possible. But splashbacks can be a real statement feature in their own right. From contrasting granites to bespoke, handmade glass, choosing a striking splashback will give a real uniqueness to your kitchen.

Savour your splashback david lisle

This bespoke, curved splashback harmonises form and function beautifully.

3. Curious curios

To really make your kitchen your own, adding small curios can make all the difference. Being a bespoke service, we craft all manner of quirky details, some of which may not be noticeable at first, but on closer inspection give a sophisticated glint of individuality to kitchens that may want to remain more understated.

Curious curios david lisle

A little hand-carved mouse catches the eye in this distressed oak dresser.

4. Consider curves

Seeing that most appliances are formed of linear lines, it naturally means that the surrounding cabinetry needs to follow suit. But for most furniture, this doesn’t need to be the case. Having curved cabinetry is not only much more ergonomic, it creates an easier flow through the space. It invites socialisation, (read our post here to find out why), and, essentially, is very unique. It isn’t every day you step foot into a curved kitchen, but we believe that once you do, you won’t soon forget it.

Consider curves david lisle

This kitchen features countless curves for easy social cooking.

5. Mix and match

To many of us, the best way to create a harmonious kitchen is to have common colours and materials throughout the space. There may be small eccentricities here and there, but largely using the same select materials throughout create a coherent kitchen. This is not necessarily true, however. A bespoke kitchen should be a reflection of your individuality and preferences in style. Use this opportunity to push the boat out and explore your own inclinations in each individual piece of furniture. This may seem daunting, but with the expert design advice we give at David Lisle, you and David will work together to create a wholly personal amalgamation of styles and concepts, resulting in a kitchen that is perfectly unique to you.

Mix and match david lisle

Featuring several styles and materials, this kitchen is a playful and completely unique space.