Inspiration from David Lisle

Don’t Be a Slave to Fashion: Maximalist Kitchens

As interior designers, we see countless trends come and go. Currently, for example, soft greys, quartz worktops and bright, open spaces are the cream of the crop. Kitchens of this design are, indeed, stunning. They have an air of simplicity and understated confidence. As da Vinci so famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

However, the beauty of working with bespoke designers such as us at David Lisle Kitchen Design allows complete freedom of choice for our clients. From the style of cabinetry, to the height of work surfaces, down to the minute details, every aspect is personal and unique to them. Because of this, we hope that our clients can see their new kitchen as not just an up-to-date renovation, but as an opportunity to explore their personal style and preferences, and create a truly unique, special space that will never go out of style.

Taking a maximalist approach works very well in this respect. It is very easy to play it safe and stick to a clean, minimalist design, but our most exciting and intriguing projects are the ones in which our clients make the most of our bespoke service and ”go all out”. After all, it is your home- make it personal!

Avante guard nautical kitchen 01

Residing on the shores of the Lake District, this client sought an avant-garde nautical theme for their kitchen. Their bespoke hull-shaped dining table made from trapped silk is truly one-of-a-kind, paired perfectly with the quirky curved steps leading to it.

Orinoco granite kitchen 02

Our client in Hale really engaged a maximalist approach in their stunning natural Orinoco granite kitchen. Bold and courageous interiors flow throughout their artistic property, meaning this eccentric kitchen fits in marvellously.

Fantastical oak kitchen 03

We hand-carved and hand-waxed every detail in this fantastical antique oak kitchen in Mellor. Taking inspiration from old oak forests, our client wanted a totally unique space that transported them to another world. We can proudly say that we have never seen another kitchen like it!

Fun unique stylish kitchen 04

This client was unsure of a single style to have in their kitchen, so opted for several! With David’s careful guidance on complementary colours and materials, they incorporated a range of eclectic features, resulting in a fun, unique kitchen wholly befitting to their lifestyle.