Inspiration from David Lisle

Second to none: what sets us apart

Upgrading a room your home is very much like embarking on an adventure. With budget, design, installation and actualisation, it can often be seen as quite a mammoth task. That’s why it is essential to find a company that not only fulfils your personal wish-list when it comes to design features, but also works with you to ensure your journey is an enjoyable one from beginning to end.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, we’re experts in this area, providing unparalleled levels of service combined with exceptional, luxury interiors. Read our Testimonials from our previous clients to find out more.

The service

Too often we hear stories of clients being switched from one designer to the next, or having multiple different departments to have to deal with. Then, they come to us and breathe a breath of fresh air.

At David Lisle Kitchen Design, our clients’ point of contact is always David himself. Throughout the whole process - from the design, to the installation, to the aftercare - he is the person taking care of every project. Our clients take comfort in knowing that all queries are managed by him, and any dealings with other businesses are handled in-house. This way, our clients have the enjoyable, exciting and stress-free experience they deserve.

The credentials

It’s not just about building a relationship with the same person from your first enquiry onwards. It is also essential that your designer and craftsmen have the ability and experience to deliver your project to your standards.

With over 35 years in the industry, and hundreds of bespoke, luxury interiors crafted for our clients in countless styles and sizes, we can safely say that both David and our team of craftsmen, fitters and painters are amongst the elite when it comes to their passion.

The showroom

Of course, our interiors are all completely custom-made, making no two the same. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth exploring our showroom, however.

Not only a great source of inspiration, our clients can examine even the most minute of details that prove our outstanding level of workmanship and, hence, durability of our interiors.

David can introduce you to various styles and materials, answering any queries you may have, and take you to visit our adjoining workshop to meet our small team and view our process.

Factors such as these ensure that the journey our clients go on to achieve their perfect interior upgrade is as effortless, pleasurable and fun as it should be.