Inspiration from David Lisle

Visualise this: Using CAD to design the perfect kitchen

When designing a room in your house, it may be difficult to accurately imagine just how it will look once completed. This can be a daunting prospect for some, especially when you may be investing a significant amount of money.

How our cgi offers peace of mind 01

As an interior designer, for many years David would hand-draw detailed designs to showcase to our clients. This often proved very time consuming, as any changes or edits would require a whole new drawing to be created. We always felt that there should be a better way to help our clients visualise exactly what our designs will deliver, whilst also giving us the ability to make changes and add extra details more easily.

How our cgi offers peace of mind 02

That’s where the recent development of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) comes in. Using CGI, our resident graphic designer is able to take David’s drawings further into exceptionally accurate visualisations of each client’s design in their individual locations. With exact colour palettes, textures, materials, lighting and more, we can portray an authentic representation of their future interior. We then showcase these CGI drawings to our clients, discussing any further details, which can be added and tweaked within minutes. This ensures our clients’ expectations are met and they feel secure in knowing their interior is in the best hands.

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