Inspiration from David Lisle

Re-invented: The Butler's Pantry

Traditionally, butler’s pantries were used for housing fine china and display items in the grandest homes. However, as trends and lifestyles changed, they became less and less popular.

As with many things in the design world, we’ve now come full circle, and butler’s pantries are again very much a desired piece in our client’s kitchens.

The butlers pantry 01

This contemporary curved silver-leafed pantry goes all-out in combining both coffee-making facilities with plenty of wine storage- perfect for mornings and evenings.

Our reinvented butler’s pantry is much more than a display cabinet. By incorporating sinks, storage, coffee machines, wine coolers and countertops, we’ve transformed the traditional butler’s pantry into luxurious barista stations, bars, and practical storage solutions, all depending on our clients’ personal preferences and lifestyles.

The butlers pantry 02

Being a coffee-lover, this client desired a fully plumbed-in coffee machine within their pantry, alongside plenty of storage and worktop space.

By using bespoke designers and makers such as David Lisle, your butler’s pantry will be designed to your specific visual aesthetic, either as a statement piece in your new kitchen, or blending seamlessly within a more minimalist space. Due to the flexibility in their size and design, butler’s pantries are also a fantastic piece to fit within those unusual or awkward spaces in the room that are often results of architectural necessities.

The butlers pantry 03

This contemporary pantry is used for wine storage and drinks prep, and was designed to fit snugly within the unusual wall design as a great space-saver.

We can give expert, creative advice on which woods, finishes, granites and appliances to choose from to ensure your pantry is exactly as you desire- both a practical and beautiful piece of furniture that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

The butlers pantry 04

Storage of any temperature is available in our pantries through the use of fridge-freezer drawers, as seen in this luxurious ziricote and pewter pantry.