Inspiration from David Lisle

A Touch Of Glass

The incorporation of glass into your interiors may at first seem unusual and unnecessary, but at David Lisle Kitchen Design we have a strong affinity with glass accents and their unparalleled beauty and elegance.

A touch of glass 1

This stunning, curved splash-back pairs perfectly with the sky-blue inset shelves above.

Our glass is created by a local artist in the North-West, is made to order and completely unique, just like our interiors. The colours used in the glass are matched to perfectly complement the overall colour scheme of your interior, and there is also a huge amount of scope when it comes to texture and pattern, ranging from modern and high-tech to free-flowing, organic and natural.

A touch of glass 2

Etched silver birch-inspired mirrored glass with bronze leafing creates a statement in this bar.

Our glass is very popular in kitchens as splash-backs to ovens and worktop extensions. They are an exceptionally stunning alternative to run-of-the-mill tiling, both complementing work surfaces and standing as an individual design feature. They add a unique artistic edge to your kitchen at the same time serving as an easily-cleanable protective surface- having incredible resistance to water, heat and stains makes them durable and safe, lasting for years to come.

A touch of glass 3

Our exclusive gold and silver leaf bubbled glass works beautifully with the elegant high gloss ebonised oak in this kitchen

Our glass can also be incorporated into cupboards and cabinets. Materials such as silk can be encapsulated within the glass to create beautiful and luxurious effects and depending on where the glass will be used, it can be transparent or opaqued to work beautifully with your lighting.

A touch of glass 4

Trapping silk in glass creates a completely unique, beautiful modesty door

And if you can’t quite visualise the finished effect, we provide every client with sophisticated CGI images of how each space will look, illustrating how the glass you choose will complement the other materials and accents in your bespoke interior, such as wood and fabrics.