Inspiration from David Lisle

Lighting and Interior Atmosphere

Despite being an integral part of any space, lighting is often forgotten in the swell of ideas and imaginings when it comes to putting a room together. Part of the trouble is that it’s not something easily worked into a traditional interior design sketch, often meaning it’s left until the last moment.

This is certainly a backwards way of working. As any interior designer will tell you, done correctly, lighting can have a big impact. Ultimately, it’s about enhancing a room, accentuating features, functionality, and atmosphere.

Lighting and interior atmosphere 1

This quirky kitchen uses uplighting to accentuate specific focal points, such as the inset island shelving and bespoke curved splashback.

Illuminating key features or quirky little areas in your home can make all the difference to its look and feel. It’s also a clever way of highlighting the elements you want to show off, while adding to the visual spectacle of the design.

Typical accent lighting techniques include backlighting or uplighting an accent wall, recessed lighting, or even a thoughtfully placed lamp. Well executed, it can powerfully boost the drama and impact of specific features.

Lighting and interior atmosphere 2

These Arts and Crafts-inspired suspended lamps tie together the modern, handleless design of this kitchen with the beautiful traditional building it resides in.

If you’re spending the time and money to reinvent even a small area of your home, it is important that it creates the atmosphere that you’re looking for. Beautiful, organic dark woods for example may be the perfect choice for a sumptuous dressing room. But the right lighting then needs to compliment the textures and colours to create a real wow factor.

Lighting and interior atmosphere 3

This teardrop chandelier creates a stunning statement in this gothic bar, with the illuminated cornice adding an extra light source.

So when you look to redesign an area in your home, take time to consider how it will look and feel when you walk through its doors. At David Lisle Kitchen Design, we consider lighting to be a fundamental part of design, and can give you expert guidance and advice on the perfect lighting to complete your bespoke interior.