Inspiration from David Lisle

Why kitchens are not a luxury

As bespoke, high quality kitchen designers, we can admit there are plenty of luxurious kitchens out there. But, as the most used room of the modern day home, kitchens in themselves, are not a luxury.

Just take a look at recent popular trends, pointing towards a fascination with cooking. You just need to browse through the TV schedule to see a barrage of gastronomic programmes that saturate the airwaves, like the Great British Bake Off, and MasterChef. And this is exciting a fresh generation of aspiring cooks.

This new wave of appreciation for good food, and culinary wizardry has revitalised our love, and uses of the kitchen. Gone are the days of microwave dinners every day of the week. And as our perspective on food changes, so does the value we place in our kitchen space, and our use of them.

The most valuable room in the house

Reports have shown that on average, people spend between £1000 and £3000 on a new kitchen. There are many more who choose to spend far greater amounts to achieve the perfect space, in the full knowledge that it’s an investment.

In fact, kitchen worktops and cabinets can apparently last up to 50 years or more. Although the more fashion conscious may balk at having a 50-year-old worktop. Either way you look at it, that’s a big return on investment.

So it’s not surprising that studies have shown that kitchens are now the most valuable part of our home when it comes to hard cash. They can make or break a house sale, and wow visitors in seconds.

Not only that, they’re multifunctional. Many people now admit to eating their meals in the living room, rather than the traditional dining room. In turn, this has extended our use of the kitchen itself. It’s being increasingly used as a family meeting point, and a place to entertain guests. Creating an even greater desire for that dream, atmospheric kitchen.

Satisfying a nation of foodies

Our obsession with kitchens goes beyond countertops and fancy design details. We love a gadget. In the UK, we’re spending in excess of £1 billion every year on appliances. And we’re not just talking about toasters and microwaves. We’re indulging in anything from American-style fridge freezers, to popcorn makers. This research all points to one conclusive thing; we’re embracing the idea of being a nation of foodies.

Much like our bedrooms, or even our lounges, the idea of stamping a personal mark on the most used room in the house is becoming second nature to homeowners. Whether that means doing a quick, superficial revamp, investing on the latest gadget, or going all out and installing a dream kitchen.

Which brings us neatly back to the beginning. A kitchen isn’t so much a luxury in this modern age. It’s a way of life, a space to impress. The hub of the house. A valuable asset even, that can last for decades and even help a house sell.

So if you’re going to invest in a room to create a real difference to your home and lifestyle, make it your kitchen.