Inspiration from David Lisle


Inspiration is a funny thing; it always seems to come unexpectedly, from out of nowhere and you never know when a new idea will pop into your head. Inspiration, imagination and vision are beautiful things. But when you are planning a big renovation project like a new kitchen it can make decisions very difficult. How will you know that what you love now, you will still be happy with in a few years, or even months time?

You could buy a low cost kitchen from a major, high street retailer who will have their eye on current trends. Then, if later down the line you have a sudden artistic flash, all it would take is a trip to an out of town shopping centre to pick a new one. Quick, easy and cheap.

But this comes at a price. Your kitchen may cost less but each time you compromise on quality, durability, sustainability and really really importantly, individuality. You and your family live in your kitchen. This is the room that is now the centre of most homes – it should be an expression of your personality and make you feel like you belong there.

When you choose a good, quality independent kitchen designer, like David Lisle, based in The Old Chapel on Beech Lane in Macclesfield, not only will he introduce you to a world of possibilities for just about every aspect of your kitchen, but he will also spend time with you to find out exactly what you want now, and learn enough about you to anticipate what you might want in the future. David will visit your home to ensure that the design can be seamlessly incorporated within traditional architecture.

Your kitchen will be designed to your specific requirements incorporating materials, accessories and original handmade artworks and glassware that you have chosen. You will also be able to see detailed images of how your kitchen will look in your home before any work is done. This of course gives you the leeway to take bits out and add bits in as inspiration strikes.

And, with David Lisle, as all craftmanship is done extremely locally inside the Old Chapel beside his showroom, you build a relationship with your designer as your kitchen is built. David Lisle is committed to providing an excellent service and to designing kitchens that are long-lasting, beautiful, and robust. However, he also understands individuality, inspiration the desirability of the potential for change and his stunning and unique kitchens reflect this.