Inspiration from David Lisle

Grand Designs

Changing a part of your home can almost take over your life. Every decision requires a great deal of thought and it ends up being a hugely time-consuming and often stressful process.

Considerations such as budget, space, materials, implementation, quality, durability and sustainability can often blur out the importance of individual style and how the new dynamic of your space will fit in with your lifestyle.

For this reason it is crucially important that the professional advice you enlist will provide you with the creativity and expertise to make sure the finished result is exactly tailored to every single one of your unique requirements.

David Lisle, based Beech Lane in Macclesfield has, over nearly 30 years, built up a wealth of experience in the bespoke furniture and kitchen business. His approach is an immensely personal one and every one of his designs is intricately tailored to each individual clients exact requirements.

David began his career, following his degree in furniture design, in a small mill in the Northern town of Bollington, hand-making one off pieces such as coffee tables and mirrors. As passers by saw him at work and the beautiful things he was creating, he gained commissions and his business grew.

David had learned the importance of letting his customers see how their furniture is being made. Just 15 years after starting out, he bought The Old Chapel in Macclesfield. Built in 1830, the building has incredible original stained glass windows which provided the perfect view into his showroom and workshops.

Having always taken a bespoke approach, David takes a fresh eye to every project. He visits his clients homes and listens to weird and wonderful ideas, eventually coming up with innovative but do-able designs that fit perfectly with their lives.