Inspiration from David Lisle

10 extra clever storage tips for your kitchen

You’ll find plenty of advice online when it comes to storage tips for tiny kitchens. But storage is an important thing to consider whatever the size of the room. If you’re spending time and money designing and installing a kitchen to compliment your home and add value to your lifestyle, you need to feel sure the final result is streamlined, beautiful and functional.

Storing your equipment and appliances, and doing it in a way that accentuates the design of your room is key to creating a noteworthy, practical space. There are countless ways to do that, but we’ve selected our favourite top ten storage tips to get you started.

1. Use open shelving units.

We’re trying to create something that looks incredible while being functional. Open shelving units can tick both these boxes. They’re great for displaying items like cookbooks, but avoid installing them around your cooking space. Grease and food splatters can make things look dingy in no time.

2. Hide appliances.

A well-crafted cabinet or two made especially for your larger appliances will do wonders to the final aesthetic of your kitchen. Pop them in a designated spot to avoid cluttering up your busy cooking area.

3. Indulge in a pantry.

They are so this century! Perhaps you’d associate a pantry with the Victorian era, but new age design has made them a practical must-have. Ingenious pull-out pantries can add the wow-factor to any home, and offer a super smart storage solution.

4. Think about seating.

Whether you’re building a breakfast bar, including a dining area with table and chairs, or squeezing tucked away places to perch, make sure the seating works for you and your family, and doesn’t disrupt the flow of your room.

5. Show off your china.

A beautifully crafted glass cabinet or dresser can act as a powerful focal point for your kitchen. Use it to display your very best china and knickknacks, and ensure the lighting is placed just right to accent it to perfection.

6. Don’t forget hooks.

Yes, the simple hook is everyone’s best friend when creating a tidy, organised space. Use it to hang anything from aprons and tea towels, right through to bespoke units for pots and pans.

7. Add a pull-out cutting board.

Simple, functional and absolutely designed to keep any kitchen clean and smart, little touches like pull-out cutting boards will ensure everything you need to cook is in the optimal place, and it can be swiftly pushed away when done.

8. Organise to perfection.

It requires some thought, but it’s an easy win. When you organise your cupboards, think about usage. Put everyday items and utensils within easy reach, move less used bits to the back, and categorise your food cupboards to speed up the cooking process.

9. Go crazy for tidies.

Drawer tidies, lid racks, shelf organisers, over the door tidies, really the world’s the limit when looking at different ways to keep your kitchen in order. It also saves you lots of senseless rummaging time when you’re busy preparing a meal.

10. Make use of every inch.

Finally, use every little bit of space, even under cabinets to max out your kitchen’s potential. Done right, with beautiful lighting effects, it will give you even more room to slot in useful appliances and utensils.