Inspiration from David Lisle

Why every kitchen should have a personal touch

Upgrading your kitchen is very much like embarking on an adventure. The design process itself should be an exciting prospect. And that’s before you get into actualising your plan and installing it.

Of course, there are many different places to buy a kitchen from. That can make it feel a little overwhelming when you start your research. But when considering which company to choose, it’s worth taking into account what the whole experience will be like from beginning to end.

Why? Because updating your kitchen can be one of the most costly rooms in your home. There’s no doubt about it, a major overhaul of the most used room in the house can be disruptive too. With that in mind, it makes sense to choose a company that not only fulfils your personal wish-list when it comes to design features. But also works with you in a way that makes the journey an enjoyable one, from beginning to end.

With a couple of decades of kitchen design under our belt, we’re experts in this area. And we take our job seriously from the word go. So what exactly, should you be asking a kitchen designer from the start, to get the best results?

Do they offer a personal touch?

When you start scouting around for a kitchen designer, take note of the type and level of service provided from the get-go.

Despite working with hundreds of clients in our time, we always provide a personal point of contact for each person. So they know exactly who their designer is, and have a direct line to them when needed. That way, the results are truly collaborative, and reflective of your personal needs. And who would your own personal contact be? In our case, you’ll be speaking to the man with his name above the door. David is the personal point of contact and designer for each and every bespoke kitchen.

Have they got great credentials?

It’s not just about building a relationship with the same person from your first enquiry onwards. It’s also important to ensure that your designer has the best experience so they can do a first-class job with your kitchen.

In our case, you’ll never get farmed out to a rooky staff member after the initial chat. So if you’re speaking to other designers, make sure to check the credentials and experience of the contact you’ll be working with, to make sure they can match your expectations and help you develop your own unique visionary space.

What are their showrooms like?

Ultimately, you want a kitchen that fits with your lifestyle, rather than an off-the-shelf job. That doesn’t mean however, that it’s not worth exploring the showroom of your preferred designer.

It’s a great source for inspiration. It gives you that all-important insight into their personal flair and level of workmanship. And, crucially, it enables you to take a good look at a sample of the materials they use.

While you’re there, check if extra special attention has been paid to even the smallest elements of each design. It’s the attention to the little things that can make all the difference when creating a dazzling kitchen that will stand the test of time.