Inspiration from David Lisle

Visualise this: Using CAD to design the perfect kitchen

As the most used room in the house, the kitchen is an important area to get right. Forget Feng Shui, this is more about getting the most from the space you have, and thinking practically. Does that sound like the pressure is well and truly on? The trouble is it’s often difficult to imagine just how a room will look once completed. This is a daunting prospect, especially when investing a significant amount of money.

We always felt that there has to be a better way to help our clients visualise just what our designs will deliver. With that in mind, we’ve created this quick guide to help you understand the fundamentals to understanding just what you need from a kitchen, so you can use our skills and resources to get the best results.

Get in the zone

The first, and most important part of designing your new kitchen comes from using your imagination. Take time to consider just how you’d use it day to day. Is it for entertaining guests? Will it act as the hub and a multifunctional space for busy family life? Or do you plan to cook up a storm every chance you get? The key point here, is to not feel limited by the realities of your current room, and what it offers. Instead, think about the perfect scenario in terms of how you’d like to enjoy the space. From there, we can get busy planning the layout and accessories.

The beauty of CAD design

For such a pivotal place in the household, it’s only logical to use a specialist in kitchens when it comes to a revamp. Anyone who’s been designing kitchens for decades will instantly be able to see each individual room’s quirks to effectively plan around, and accentuate them.

Even though kitchen design runs through our DNA, we don’t expect our clients to see some ideas on a piece of paper and appreciate its practicality and beauty. That’s why we’re unique in offering CAD (Computer Aided Design for those in the know) to every client. These computerised plans unfold to show every aspect of the room in 3D, making it much easier for clients to see the finished effect. So you can kiss goodbye to your worries around spending all that cash on a kitchen that doesn’t suit you.

Think big

Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things, or aim for the kitchen you’ve always wanted. There can sometimes be a temptation to play it safe, especially in a characterful house, or an irregular kitchen.

Ultimately, an experienced kitchen designer will be able to take your ideas, however bold, and show you how they could work in the house you have. All in revealing, Grand Designs style computer imagery. What more could you ask for? More to the point, with the safety net of CAD in your back pocket we may ask, what’s stopping you from reaching for that envy-inducing, kitchen of your dreams?