Inspiration from David Lisle

More Light! The Secret to Creating Rooms that Wow

So you’ve just signed off the design for your new kitchen, or perhaps a revamped dressing room. You have all the colours and materials nailed down. And you can see where each of your personal knickknacks will fit. But have you thought of everything?

Despite being an integral part of any space, lighting is often forgotten in the swell of ideas and imaginings when it comes to pulling a room together. Part of the trouble, is that it’s not something easily worked into a traditional interior design sketch. And it can often be left until the last moment.

This is certainly a backwards way of working. As any interior designer will tell you, done correctly, lighting can have a big impact. Ultimately, it’s about enhancing a room, accentuating design features, making spaces functional, and creating atmosphere.

Add an accent

Illuminating key features, or quirky little areas in your home can make all the difference to its look and feel. It’s also a clever way of highlighting the elements you want to show off, while adding to the visual spectacle of the design.

Typical accent lighting techniques include backlighting, or uplighting neatly tucked behind an accent wall, dimmer switches, recessed lighting, or even just a simple and effectively placed lamp. Well executed, it can powerfully boost the drama and impact of a room.

Make it work

Away from the more aesthetic uses of lighting, there always needs to be an emphasis on practicality. Particularly when looking at busy areas of the home like kitchens. But regardless of the space you’re working with, the illumination must do its job well. You wouldn’t want to try and get ready for a night out in a half lit dressing room for example. Or prepare a feast for some friends in a gloomy kitchen.

Think of lighting as a tool. It’s there to give you the flexibility to use your room to the full. To create a liveable, working space that fits with your lifestyle, and your particular uses for it throughout the day.

Create a mood

If you’re spending the time and money to reinvent even a small area of your home, it’s important that it reflects the person you are, and adds the right ambiance.

Its role is to light up the space, and project design features. Beautiful, organic dark woods for example may be the perfect choice for a sumptuous dressing room. But the right lighting then needs to holistically compliment the textures and colours to add glamour, and create a real wow factor.

So when you look to redesign an area in your home, take time to consider how it will look and feel when you walk through its doors. Lighting is a fundamental part of design, and without the right approach, you could end up feeling underwhelmed by the end result. Or worse, left with a room that doesn’t quite live up to its intended use.

To quote German novelist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, albeit out of context, the order of the day should most definitely be “more light!” when it comes to interior design. With this thought firmly in mind throughout the process, you’ll end up with the perfect room for you.