Inspiration from David Lisle


Contemporary kitchen design makes use of a wide variety of different materials to create a sophisticated and individual space that works perfectly in your home. Like in cooking, mixing ingredients can often accentuate the unique nature of each one used to really get the most out of the beauty and finish of the timbers, metals, glass and other materials you choose to use.

Using wood veneers to complement and contrast with the timber in your cabinets and worktops is one way of doing this. Veneers are thin slices of wood, attached to other wooden boards. They give a classic look but bring their own unique twist, allowing you to achieve a perfect mix of modern and traditional.

Exotic looking Oak and Walnut veneers sourced from Africa and (??) are brought to life with rich golden highlights running through them in gorgeous patterns and textures. Set in traditional Oak, Pine or Mahogany cabinets, they stand out like beautiful and natural artworks and lighting can be used cleverly to bring out the colours and intricate patterns in the grain and knots of the wood.

Another option is to seamlessly match veneers to the other materials you use, creating smooth, clean lines and giving a highly modern look to your space.

Many people would be apprehensive about using Wood Veneer as it has not escaped criticism over the years. Some believe that in using it you may compromise the quality and durability of the overall finish. But as with most things, the difference between good and bad depends on a number of factors. Absolutely key to getting it right are the condition and thickness of the wood and most importantly craftsmanship.

I have used veneers in many of my kitchens and I think it really demonstrates how the use of veneers can make a beautiful space stunning. At my showroom in The Old Chapel on Beech Lane, Macclesfield, you can see for yourself, the originality and quality of the veneers. You can also watch my expert cabinetmakers at work in the studio attached to the showroom. And if you choose to design your new kitchen with me, I will provide you with lifelike illustrations of how they will look in your own kitchen.

Far from being a tacky way of masking cheap wood, veneers are a time-honoured way of highlighting the intricate natural beauty of many different types of wood and using this to create show-stopping pieces of furniture that will last for many many years to come.