Inspiration from David Lisle

Summer Kitchen

Let’s face it, we don’t get many, so when a sunny day comes along, our thoughts invariably turn to the captivating charm of outdoor cooking and dining. There is a heady sentimentality to thoughts of delicious cooking smells mixed with fresh flowers on warm, dusky evenings.

And outdoor dining doesn’t have to be limited to summer. The days are gone where kitchens were shut away away at the back of the house. Modern kitchens are open, shown off and the space becomes a key feature of your home. This is the area around which home life thrives all year round.

By opening this space into the outdoors, you can bring the freshness and beauty of nature into your home and by making clever use of space and materials, the changing seasons can highlight different aspects of your kitchen creating a room that is as organic and changing as your garden.

By incorporating glass folding and sliding doors you can create a whole wall of window out to the garden and patios and decks can continue your kitchen outside. Mediterranean style summer kitchens with grills, workspace and seating mean that in warmer months you can cook and entertain outdoors and in.

Elements such as concrete floors and timber in your kitchen can also continue outdoors making the transition between inside and outside almost seamless and creating an almost infinite space.

If you begin with a neutral and natural palette of woods, stone and veneer as the backdrop for your kitchen you can add splashes of colour, pattern and texture with paint, paper, tiling, or even incorporating it into specially commissioned glass pieces such as splashbacks (link to glass blog).

You can also install windows into unexpected places to provide bursts and splashes of the outdoors and framing views you love, like little organic and ever-changing artworks.

A really simple way of bringing the garden into your kitchen is by planting herbs inside. Not only will they look and smell beautiful and natural but it will also enable you to pluck sprigs of herbs in the midst of your creative throes. Planters can be anything from vintage chamber pots that add a quirky twist or even incorporated into worktops and islands.

Understanding the space you have in your home and how to use it to design the perfect kitchen for you is very important to me. l begin the design process by visiting your home and providing you with sketches showing how elements such as windows can be cleverly and delicately incorporated in order to make the most of the beauty of your home and outdoor space.

My team will then bring these sketches to life in beautifully detailed computer generated illustrations displaying exactly how your kitchen will fit into your space, including how the natural light will illuminate your kitchen from how your home faces.