Inspiration from David Lisle

A Touch Of Glass

When you are designing your dream kitchen you will undoubtedly spend a great deal of time considering the materials you want to use.  David Lisle’s showroom at the Old Chapel in Macclesfield is a treasure trove of ideas, with timbers, exotic wood finishes, granites and metals. By working closely with David to design your kitchen, he will use his artistic flair, creative vision and innovative design combining a mixture of different materials to create a space that truly reflects who you are.

One way in which you can do this is by incorporating glass to create subtle accents and bold statements, highlighting different areas of your kitchen.

This could be achieved by adding a splash-back to your oven or as an extension to your worktop. Glass splash-backs are really stylish alternatives to tiling. They can complement your work surfaces or be used as a stunning and highly individual design feature, adding an artistic edge to your kitchen at the same time as protecting your walls from the fallout from your culinary masterpieces.

The glass David uses for his splash-backs is created locally by an artist in the UK and each piece is made to order and completely unique. The colours used in the glass are matched to perfectly complement the overall colour scheme of your kitchen. You also have a huge amount of scope when it comes to texture and pattern, ranging from modern and high-tech to free-flowing, organic and natural.

These unique glass creations are striking highlights that can open up your kitchen, using color, texture and innovative techniques to provide the perfect creative backdrop to your workspace or oven. Importantly, they also provide incredible resistance to water, heat and stains making them durable and safe and they will last for years to come.

You could also incorporate glass into your cupboards and cabinets. Materials such as silk can be encapsulated within the glass to create beautiful and unique effects and depending on where the glass will be used, it can be transparent or opaqued to work beautifully with your lighting.

And if you are unable to visualise the finished effect, David will provide you with sophisticated lifelike images of how your kitchen will look, illustrating how the glass will complement the other materials and accents, such as lighting, that you ultimately decide to use.